Vivien & James





14 June, 2023


Ask us what is the thing that inspire us the most when we work as wedding videographers in Tuscany and we will answer by shooting in Tuscany under the rain! One of the biggest fears of brides is to celebrate their wedding in the rain, while for us it is one of the most fun and exciting situations of my work. We can understand well the delusion of the spouses, after a long trip from Australia, dreaming to celebrate their union under the sun of the Tuscan countryside, when they find rain, wind, and threatening clouds that don’t seem to want to leave room for the sunny sky. Vivien and James litterally rode the wave for their wedding video in Tuscany under the rain and let themselves be carried away by the enthusiasm of the moment.

A truly romantic, loved filled day made even better by embracing the elements of the rain that came!

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