sposarsi al tempo del coronavirus

UPDATE: The epidemiological situation since COVID-19 has definitely improved, and we are happy to write that weddings are starting again! The Tuscany region has published new guidelines for conducting weddings, which you can read here.

We have waited before writing something since it all started, but now we think it is right to make ourselves heard…

First of all, we send a BIG HUG to “our” couples who are planning to get married this year. We know it must be really difficult to carry out the project of that wedding on which you spent so much time, emotions and money. We are sincerely close to you and we will do all we can, to help you.

With some of the couples in April and May, we have already established some alternative dates. For the rest of the year, so far, we are only waiting to see how the situation proceeds.

With that said, here are some tips if you are trying to figure out what to do.

Let’s find them out together!



If you have it, contact your wedding planner to contact all the suppliers of your wedding, otherwise do it personally, as soon as possible.

We asked our wedding planner friends for an opinion. What everyone said is that weddings scheduled for April and May should be postponed. Many of the couples who were planning to marry from April to May are choosing dates from September to November.

Even couples who have arranged their wedding from June to September would do well to hypothesize a possible plan B with their suppliers.

We personally think it won’t happen, but in case you also have to postpone the wedding, you will already know how to move.

Surely the best solution is to postpone instead of cancelling the marriage to avoid losing the various deposits already paid.

Having a range of alternative dates is not a bad idea. Re-combining the availability of all suppliers will not be easy. Contact the location first, and see if they will reprogram their calendar and what dates they have available.

Then contact vendors who can’t make more than one wedding at a time, e.g. musicians / photographer / officiant, try to collaborate with your suppliers to find a new date, this will help you not to lose money and save the hassle of finding new ones.



In case you are forced to postpone the wedding, consider a mid-week wedding: these are really much easier to re-schedule and probably most suppliers will be able to change the date without overlapping problems.

3. MBETTER THAN 2020 OR 2021?


Consider that many suppliers, especially the locations, are already fully booked for the whole season of 2021, postponing a year may not be easy if you are looking for dates on the weekends from May to September. You could probably find yourself choosing whether to give up a location or a wedding planner already working for the next year. Some suppliers, NO US, may no longer consider the deposit paid for 2020 and make you pay a new one for the new 2021 contract.



For those who do not have a wedding planner, planning or changing a date for a wedding abroad or in Italy at this point could be a little more demanding. What we recommend to our couples is to choose their most trusted supplier and talk to him to understand what is going on and how to move.

We are also at your disposal, ask us anything you might need and we will do our best to help.

If instead you are wondering if it is appropriate to hire a wedding planner or not, in our opinion now is the time to say yes. All wedding planners have the experience to quickly develop event solutions even in the most complicated situations. Hiring a wedding planner will help you set up, schedule and negotiate available weekends, travel arrangements and contracts.


In the event that you decide to cancel the wedding, we know it is not pleasant, but it is completely understandable that you should not expect to receive deposits back.

The deposits exist because the people you hired have done a good part of the work required to date, while the balance serves to cover the work that remains to be done and the event itself. Each deposit is intended to cover the running costs of what is a small or large company. It should be remembered that every person you have hired for your event is a small business, which in many cases has hired several professionals to make sure your wedding day is impeccable. Everyone involved refused other jobs as a result of your booking. Deposit funds are used to keep companies covered as they prepare your event.

If instead you postpone your event, at least in our case, the deposit will be used to “block” the alternative date, for this it is better to opt for postponements (ideally by 2020) to reuse the investments that you have already made in your wedding.





Whatever decision you make, try to consider the most important thing, apart from the money spent or the difficulties to face, do what you feel, is right for you and your loved ones. Remember that you have chosen to organize your event to celebrate and share the joy of your union with the people you love and the goal is to be able to be together in serenity and joy.

If it is a matter of waiting for better times to make everyone feel more at ease, it will be a little bad, then you will have the reward of celebrating in absolute light-heartedness, perhaps on a beautiful autumn day!



Take care of yourself!

Send us an e-mail and we will be happy to help you in any way possible.

Stay home and stay safe!