we are wedding photographer but also alpinist.

Our names are Alessandro and Francesca,
and if you’d ask us what we are,
we would simply reply: we are two photographers.
Being photographers we dedicate ourselves to many different style of photography and video making:
reportage, still life, editorials, travel pictures and of course wedding photography.
We got into wedding photography almost by case, just to discover that we love it.
It is always a learning process, and we are always careful to the client’s need which we try to in tune with.
We have very clear ideas about how we like to work but we are obviously flexible to the needs of our clients.
We are colleagues, but mostly we are friends, and we like to get our ideas and passions stirred up.
Among the passions we share there are the love for mountains, alpinism and long adventurous trips.
We carefully pickup our partners for their skills but mostly for their ability to work as team in harmony.
If you’re curious about our work, outside wedding photography, please visit our website: