In 2015, we photographed the marriage of Clementina, where we met Linda, her sister. It was love at first sight!

The following year, we were happy and sincerely excited to be the photographers of her marriage to Giuseppe. Linda and Giuseppe chose the Fattoria di Rignana  to celebrate their wedding, an elegant 18th-century villa in the Chianti area, only 30 km far from Florence. Fattoria di Rignana is a really special, bright, welcoming place with an indescribable charm. The pastel colours of the small chapel, the rosé wine produced by its vineyards and the sunset from the swimming pool make it an unforgettable place.

No place could be more suitable for a couple like this. Linda and Giuseppe live in the Netherlands and have a particular focus on design and layout. Every detail of their wedding reflects their Bohemian and sophisticated style, from Linda's wonderful crown of peonies to the small handmade candies with their initials.

Giuseppe's happiness and the spontaneity of Linda reminded us how beautiful a marriage can be when it is experienced with simplicity and ease.

Beautiful, modern and relaxed wedding photography in Tuscany, Italy.

Linda + Giuseppe

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