Canon R6 Mark II: A Wedding Photographer’s Review

Canon R6 Mark II A Wedding Photographers Review | wedding photographer and videographer tuscany italy

As a wedding photographer, I’m always on the lookout for gear that will help me capture the beauty, emotion, and magic of one of the most important days in a couple’s life. When Canon announced the R6 Mark II, I was eager to see if this camera would be a worthy addition to my kit. After using it extensively for several weddings, I’m ready to share my thoughts. Spoiler alert: the Canon R6 Mark II is an impressive piece of equipment that has quickly become a favorite in my arsenal.

Introduction to the Canon R6 Mark II

The Canon R6 Mark II is a full-frame mirrorless camera that boasts a plethora of features aimed at both photographers and videographers. It’s designed to deliver high-quality images and videos, making it an excellent choice for professionals like myself. With its 24.1 MP sensor, Dual Pixel CMOS AF II, and robust build, it promises to be a reliable companion for various shooting scenarios.

Unboxing and First Impressions

From the moment I unboxed the R6 Mark II, I could tell that Canon put a lot of thought into its design. The camera feels solid and well-built, with a comfortable grip that fits perfectly in my hand. The layout of the buttons and dials is intuitive, making it easy to navigate the settings even in the heat of a fast-paced wedding shoot.

Personal Anecdote: I remember my first wedding shoot with the R6 Mark II. As I held it, I immediately noticed how light and balanced it felt compared to my older DSLR. This made it easier to carry around all day without experiencing the usual fatigue.

Image Quality

Sensor and Resolution

The Canon R6 Mark II features a 24.1 MP full-frame sensor that delivers stunning image quality. The resolution is perfect for capturing the intricate details of wedding attire, floral arrangements, and venue decorations. The dynamic range is excellent, allowing me to capture both the bright highlights of a sunlit ceremony and the deep shadows of an indoor reception.

Low-Light Performance

One of the standout features of the R6 Mark II is its exceptional low-light performance. Weddings often have challenging lighting conditions, from dimly lit churches to romantic candle-lit dinners. The R6 Mark II handles these scenarios with ease, producing clean images with minimal noise even at high ISO settings.

Personal Anecdote: At a recent evening wedding, the reception was held outdoors under twinkling fairy lights. Using the R6 Mark II, I was able to capture the intimate, cozy atmosphere without having to resort to artificial lighting. The high ISO capabilities allowed me to maintain the natural ambiance in my photos.

Autofocus System

Dual Pixel CMOS AF II

The autofocus system on the R6 Mark II is nothing short of impressive. The Dual Pixel CMOS AF II provides fast and accurate focusing, which is crucial when capturing fleeting moments at a wedding. Whether I’m shooting the bride walking down the aisle or the couple’s first dance, the autofocus locks on quickly and tracks subjects with precision.

Eye Detection AF

The Eye Detection AF is a game-changer for portrait photography. It reliably locks onto the subject’s eyes, ensuring sharp focus even when they’re moving. This feature has been particularly useful during bridal portraits, where the slightest movement can throw off focus.

Personal Anecdote: During a bridal prep session, I used the Eye Detection AF to capture close-up shots of the bride’s makeup and jewelry. The camera nailed the focus on her eyes every time, resulting in beautifully sharp and expressive portraits.

Video Capabilities

4K Video

In addition to its stellar photo capabilities, the R6 Mark II excels at video recording. It can shoot 4K video at up to 60fps, which is perfect for capturing smooth, high-quality footage of wedding ceremonies and receptions. The detail and clarity in the video are outstanding, making it a versatile tool for hybrid shooters like myself.

In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS)

The built-in image stabilization is a lifesaver when shooting handheld video. It compensates for camera shake, allowing me to capture steady footage even while moving. This has been especially useful during dynamic moments like the couple’s grand entrance or the dance floor action.

Personal Anecdote: At a beach wedding, I decided to shoot some handheld video of the couple walking along the shoreline. Thanks to the IBIS, the footage was smooth and cinematic, capturing the serene beauty of the moment without any distracting shakes.

Handling and Ergonomics

Design and Build

The Canon R6 Mark II is built to withstand the rigors of professional use. Its weather-sealed body provides peace of mind when shooting in various environmental conditions. The camera feels robust yet lightweight, making it easy to handle during long shoots.

Controls and Customization

Canon has designed the R6 Mark II with user-friendly controls that can be customized to suit individual preferences. The touchscreen interface is responsive, and the menu system is easy to navigate. Customizable buttons allow me to quickly access my most-used settings, which is invaluable during fast-paced wedding shoots.

Personal Anecdote: I customized the rear buttons to control my focus modes and ISO settings, allowing me to make quick adjustments on the fly. This customization has saved me precious seconds during critical moments, ensuring I never miss a shot.

Battery Life

Extended Shooting

Battery life is always a concern during long wedding shoots, but the R6 Mark II performs admirably in this regard. The LP-E6NH battery provides a substantial amount of power, allowing me to shoot continuously without frequent battery changes.

Battery Grip Option

For extended shoots, I highly recommend investing in the BG-R10 battery grip. It holds two batteries, effectively doubling the camera’s battery life. The grip also provides additional controls and improved ergonomics, making it a worthwhile addition for long events.

Personal Anecdote: During a 12-hour wedding shoot, the battery grip was a lifesaver. I didn’t have to worry about running out of power, and the extra grip made the camera more comfortable to hold during the long day.

Connectivity and Workflow

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The R6 Mark II comes equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to transfer images to my smartphone or tablet for quick sharing. This feature is particularly useful for providing clients with a sneak peek of their photos during the event.

Dual Card Slots

The dual SD card slots provide redundancy, which is crucial for wedding photography. I set one card to record RAW files and the other to save JPEGs, ensuring that I always have a backup in case of card failure.

Personal Anecdote: I once had an SD card fail on me during a wedding, but thanks to the dual card slots, I didn’t lose any images. This feature has saved me from potential disasters on more than one occasion.

Additional Features

Electronic Viewfinder (EVF)

The 3.69-million-dot EVF offers a clear and detailed view of the scene, making it easier to compose shots and review images. The high refresh rate ensures a smooth viewing experience, which is especially helpful when tracking moving subjects.

Vari-Angle Touchscreen

The fully articulating touchscreen is a fantastic addition, allowing me to shoot from various angles and positions. Whether I’m holding the camera above my head or shooting from a low angle, the touchscreen makes it easy to compose and capture the shot.

Personal Anecdote: During a wedding reception, I used the vari-angle screen to shoot candid moments from a low angle, capturing guests dancing and having fun. The flexibility of the screen made it easy to get creative with my compositions.

Comparing with Other Cameras

Canon R5

While the Canon R5 offers higher resolution with its 45 MP sensor, the R6 Mark II provides better low-light performance and faster burst rates, making it a more practical choice for wedding photography.

Sony A7 III

The Sony A7 III is a strong competitor with excellent autofocus and image quality. However, the R6 Mark II’s superior ergonomics, color science, and in-body stabilization give it an edge for my specific needs.

Personal Anecdote: I’ve used the Sony A7 III for a few weddings, but I found myself gravitating back to the Canon system. The intuitive controls and familiar color rendering of the R6 Mark II make my workflow more efficient and enjoyable.


The Canon R6 Mark II has proven to be an exceptional camera for wedding photography. Its combination of superb image quality, reliable autofocus, excellent low-light performance, and robust build makes it a valuable tool for any professional photographer. Whether you’re capturing the emotional moments of a ceremony or the vibrant energy of a reception, the R6 Mark II will help you create stunning images that your clients will cherish for a lifetime.

Final Personal Anecdote: Since adding the R6 Mark II to my kit, I’ve received numerous compliments from clients about the quality of their photos. The camera has truly elevated my work, allowing me to capture the essence of each wedding with greater ease and creativity.

If you’re a wedding photographer looking to upgrade your gear or switch to a mirrorless system, I highly recommend giving the Canon R6 Mark II a try. It’s a versatile and powerful camera that will help you take your wedding photography to the next level.

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