There are two of us, Francesca and Alessandro.

In 2013, we put together Duesudue, a small team that does wedding photography and video in Tuscany and throughout Italy.

We are colleagues but above all friends.

We share a love for the sea, mountaineering and long journeys.

What we love about our work is being able to tell many different stories without ever using words...

We are curious and empathetic, we like to enter into the stories of the people we meet with kindness and a smile.

In addition to wedding photography, we do other kind of photography, video and web design for the communication agency, which we founded in 2015, called Arcipelago.

How our work is different

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Our style, our approach and our promise to you

It is important for you to know that in our everyday lives, we are committed to fighting fascism, racism, sexism,

homo-lesbian-bi-trans-phobia and Zionism.

Ours is a job made of empathy, sharing and harmony, if you feel close to certain values, know that we will not be comfortable working together and it seems right to let you know first.

Thank you.