la bellissima tavola tra i vigneti con dietro le colline di vinci e casale di valle. vinci

Anna and Mattia got married on a day at the end of June in Casale di Valle, near Vinci.

Anna wore a dress designed for her by Anna Fucà Atelier. Hard to say if Anna had chosen the dress or her splendid crown of flowers first, the combination left us speechless, they seemed made for each other. Mattia instead chose a Gucci suit, the couple’s great passion. Her hair, like Anna’s, had been cut by Monica Cali from Tagliati for Success. The trick was instead treated by the talented Marta Celi.

Every little detail in the set up reflected the strong and eclectic personality of the couple. The bold colors of the flowers, the bohemian decorations, the modernist objects scattered on the lawn.

Roland’s together with LaBotanique have created a spectacular dinner in the vineyard to say the least. A very long table lit by little lights and the Tuscan hills in the background. Wonderful!

Anna & Mattia